FreeBSD VirtualBox Image for Port Maintainers


This is a 64bit VirtualBox Image for FreeBSD Port Maintainers which has some common used software preinstalled.

Only use this virtual machine in a secure environment as most configuration is the default one and there was no security related configuration done.

The image was build on the 9.0-CURRENT snapshot from 2010-08-03. All debugging options are still enabled.

Network is in bridged networking mode with DHCP enabled.


Installed Software:

- Tinderbox (HEAD Version)
- porttools (0.99)
- portlint  (2.13.1)
- auto-plist


This documentation is available at:

http://<IP Address of the virtual machine>/

Porters Handbook

The porters handbook is available at:

http://<IP Address of the virtual machine>/ph/


The Tinderbox WebUI is available at:

http://<IP Address of the virtual machine>/tb/
configured ports trees:
Name Description Last Built Update Cmd CVSWeb URL Ports Mount
FreeBSD FreeBSD ports tree 2010-08-09 13:36:13 CSUP  
configured jails:
Name Architecture Description Last Built Tag Update Cmd Src Mount
7_amd64 amd64 FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE amd64 2010-08-09 13:27:18 7.3-RELEASE LFTP  
7_i386 i386 FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE i386 2010-08-09 13:37:06 7.3-RELEASE LFTP  
8_amd64 amd64 FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE amd64 2010-08-09 13:32:38 8.1-RELEASE LFTP  
8_i386 i386 FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE i386 2010-08-09 13:41:24 8.1-RELEASE LFTP  
9_amd64 amd64 FreeBSD 9-CURRENT amd64 2010-08-09 16:01:33 . CSUP  
9_i386 i386 FreeBSD 9-CURRENT i386 2010-08-09 17:46:30 . CSUP  

Source directory of 9_amd64 and 9_i386 jail is symlinked to /usr/src.

configured builds:
Name Description Jail Name Ports Tree Name
7.3-FreeBSD_amd64 7.3-RELEASE amd64 with FreeBSD ports tree 7_amd64 FreeBSD
7.3-FreeBSD_i386 7.3-RELEASE i386 with FreeBSD ports tree 7_i386 FreeBSD
8.1-FreeBSD_amd64 8.1-RELEASE amd64 with FreeBSD ports tree -DNOPORT* 8_amd64 FreeBSD
8.1-FreeBSD_i386 8.1-RELEASE i386 with FreeBSD ports tree 8_i386 FreeBSD
9-FreeBSD_amd64 9-CURRENT amd64 with FreeBSD ports tree 9_amd64 FreeBSD
9-FreeBSD_i386 9-CURRENT i386 with FreeBSD ports tree 9_i386 FreeBSD

Build 8.1-FreeBSD_amd64 has special port options set: NOPORTDOCS=yes, NOPORTEXAMPLES=yes and NOPORTDATA=yes.

Ccache is enabled by default for all builds.

Distfile cache is configured to /usr/ports/distfiles.

Tinderd is running by default with -nullfs -onceonly -plistcheck options.

Options support is enabled by default. Options directory is /usr/local/tinderbox/options.

The following hooks are already configured:
- prePortBuild:  /usr/local/tinderbox/hooks/         (If you like to use FreeBSD 6.x jails)
- postPortBuild: /usr/local/tinderbox/hooks/ (Compress the WRKDIR for failed builds)

More information about the Tinderbox are available in the Tinderbox Readme:


The FreeBSD passwords are changed after execution of the firstrun script.

Where Username Password
FreeBSD tindi tindi
FreeBSD root tindi
mysql tindi tindi
mysql root  
WebUI tindi tindi

First start

- Untar the downloaded file and start the VirtualBox GUI.
- Use File -> Import Appliance... to import the virtual machine.
- Startup the virtual machine.
- Log in using the tindi user with password "tindi".
- Run the firstrun script via sudo. The script requires a cvsup server as an argument. Like:
  # sudo firstrun

How to test a port

There is a script called test-port which helps you testing a port. Go into the directory which contains the port you like to test:

# cd /home/tindi/myport

To execute a test build just on FreeBSD 8 amd64 use the -m (minimal) option. With the -v (verbose) option you will get some additional information:

# test-port -m -v
==> Sanity test: make describe
==> Rsyncing files...
==> Minimal build requested -> 8.1-FreeBSD_amd64

Without the -m option a full build on all available builds is requested:

# test-port -v
==> Sanity test: make describe
==> Rsyncing files...
==> Full build requested...

You could update your Tinderbox portstree prior to the build using the -u (update) option:

# test-port -u -v
==> Sanity test: make describe
==> Updating portstree...
FreeBSD: updating portstree with CSUP
==> Rsyncing files...
==> Full build requested...

MD5 (FreeBSD_VirtualBox_Image_for_Port_Maintainers_20100809.tar) = a9f13e3d6959acd3e6d8ffb503b19e52
SHA256 (FreeBSD_VirtualBox_Image_for_Port_Maintainers_20100809.tar) = 8c1a016912f0c0853982cac027b390cf8fdef5e2d42d0ccfa64c2e406e89a8ea
SIZE (FreeBSD_VirtualBox_Image_for_Port_Maintainers_20100610.tar) = 2409771008


For bug reports, patches or beer send an email to: beat (AT) FreeBSD dot org